Q.How do ZACA medicine cabinets store more than ordinary cabinets?
A.Similar to a closet organizer, ZACA's patented modular shelving system enables the storage of tall and short items without wasted space.

Q.What cleaning methods are recommended?
A.Mirrors should only be cleaned with a water dampened cloth. Cleaners sprayed directly onto a mirror (especially cleaners that contain solvents or ammonia) may be harmful and could damage the mirror. Molded cabinet components should be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Q.Do ZACA cabinet mirrors develop black edges like most mirrors do?
A.Black edge caused by silver spoilage is resisted on ZACA medicine cabinets by a special material that is factory applied to all frameless mirrors.

Q.What sizes are offered?
A.A variety of mirror door sizes are available with two cabinet body size options. Dimensional details are described for each model.

Q.Which way does the door open?
A.Both ways because ZACA cabinets are reversible. The direction of door opening is determined simply by orientation during installation. Exception: Arcturus model 52-2-34-00 is not reversible; therefore, hinge location (right side or left) is specified at time of order.

Q.How far do the cabinets protrude from the wall?
A.ZACA medicine cabinets are carefully designed to achieve maximum storage capacity. In recessed installations, the return flange depth is "plus mirror door thickness which ranges from " to " depending on model selected.

Q.How far does the door open?
A.Medicine cabinet door hinges dampen the door swing at approximately 90 degrees of arc. Excessive force could cause the door to pivot beyond the designed resistance angle and could cause damage.

Q.What is the difference between float plate mirrors and float select mirrors?
A.The difference is the thickness of the glass. All ZACA frameless mirrors are manufactured with thick float plate glass. Framed mirrors are optionally offered with quality thick float plate glass or economical thin float select glass.

Q.Do your cabinets rust like most medicine cabinets?
A.The high quality molded components of ZACA cabinets are metal free and will never rust.

Q.Is it possible to surface-mount a recessed medicine cabinet?
A.Surface-mount frames (models 93-0-24-01 and 93-0-34-01) easily install ZACA cabinets where wall openings are not available.

Q.Are extra shelves available?
A.Additional shelves may be purchased in sets of six from your ZACA dealer or factory direct.

Q.What can be done to repair a damaged mirror on an installed cabinet?
A.Replacement mirror doors are available for purchase from ZACA dealers or factory direct. To replace the door, place cabinet face down on a padded work surface. Remove three hinge retainer clips and six hinge pins. Transfer all hinge components with the new door and reassemble to the cabinet body.

Q.How can answers to other questions be obtained?
A.Please contact the ZACA factory by email, phone, or fax. Questions are welcomed and answers are processed courteously, quickly and thoroughly.